Casinos – A Journey Of Evolved Entertainment

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Casinos are a form of escape for many and have existed for centuries together. However, the way this entertainment is enjoyed has changed over the years. There have been many additions to the games. There are also platforms in which these games are played, and that has changed over a while. One might wonder as to how gambling started and how it came into existence. It seems like since life itself is a gamble, we started doing this for entertainment and fun from a very long time. The very fact that there is a chance of either winning or losing itself is a thrill of its own.


The Start and the past

The word, ‘Casino’ is pictured as a place of enjoyment and distraction by many. Did you know that this very term has been derived from the Italian language? As the word ‘Casa’ means a house. This highly profitable industry was first opened in Venice called the Casino Di Venezia in 1638. But gambling has been openly done even in 200 BC in China when they used to play this game called ‘White pigeon ticket’ with the permission of the governor of course and then he would receive a percentage of the profit. Legend has it that in the 9th-century playing cards was first seen in China and later brought to Europe.


The games have evolved too, it all started as a simple card game, and now we have slot machines, and we can get a virtual experience of all these games as well. The online platforms have helped many people get the full satisfaction of gambling from the comfort of their homes. Everyone cannot afford to go to Las Vegas, and these online platforms are a substitute to them, if not the experience itself it is at least the simulation of it which is good enough for now.

Why Casino?

One might ask, are casinos essential? Doesn’t it only aggravate the gambling problem even more? But here is a fun fact, the very renowned universities known worldwide such as Harvard and Yale were funded using Lottery money. So, in a way, many pupils are getting a high-quality education and even if lottery didn’t bring luck for many in a way it did make up by giving students studying there receive the highest quality of education. Having said this, Yes, gambling is dangerous and shouldn’t become an addiction.


Regulate so you don’t regret

Casinos have helped to regulate and organise the process in a systematic way. One should also self-regulate before playing and be sure of how much they’re ready to spend and not spend beyond their ability and end up losing everything. Casinos have had tremendous growth for sure, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of someone losing their fortune.

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